Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho
Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho

Micro Dermals

Dermal piercing or also known as Micro Dermal piercing is a piercing installed on a flat surface on the body. However, dermal piercings are different than surface piercings in that the latter has entry and exit points for the jewlery, just like any other regular body piercing. in dermal piercing, only one end is visable on the surface of the skin. The other end is embedded in the dermal layer of the skin. This gives the apperance of having of having small beads on the surface on the skin.This type of piercing is becoming popular nowadays because it can basically be placed on any flat surface on the body. Dermals are also used to enhance parts of a tattoo or to create a shape or design! 

Dermal "Madison"
Type Price
Microdermal $80.00


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