Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho
Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho

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Each one of our artists brings his or her own styles and experiences to the studio. What unites them is a passion for body art and decades of experience in this form of expression. Here's a closer look at some of our tattoo artists and piercing pros:

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Jonas Ho
Owner / Tattoo Artist

Jonas Ho is an Atlanta tattoo icon with over 16 years of experience as a Master Artist proficient in both black and greywash as well as silky smooth coloring. In 2013 Jonas decided it was time to open a studio, but just not any studio. A studio where creative minds could impact the Tattoo Art world and make it take notice. NOBLE HOUSE TATTOO was born to the applause and notice of the world. Thank you to all my Family, Friends and Supporters. I stand tall today because I stand on the shoulders of all those who have believed in me in times past. Cam On !! 

Featured on 11 Alive local news and USA TODAY. 2011 TATTOO FOR JAPAN Fundraiser. 100% of all proceeds went toward the American Red Cross in their effort to help those affect.

Featured on Inked Magazine.

Featured in Inked Magazine.

Where to Find Us:

Noble House Tattoo
5406 North Henry Blvd
 Stockbridge, GA 30281

                (404) 735-1187 


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Studio Hours

Tattoo artists are available by appointment and for walk-in customers during the following hours:

Monday - Thursday @ 10:00am til 12 Midnight  

Friday & Saturday @ 12noon til 12 Midnight. 

Sunday - 12noon til 5pm. 

Stockbridge Tattoo Art Gallery

Noble House Tattoo presented by Jonas Ho will be showcasing local visual artistry in next year's Stockbridge Art Fair 2016. Stop by and visit us while at the show!

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