Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho
Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho

Piercing for Pros

Thinking about getting a new piercing? At Noble House Tattoo, we can help you choose the piercing that will best match your style and personality. Our experienced team can fulfill all of your piercing dreams and expectations – both quickly and in a friendly and professional manner.

Our studio is 100% sterile and certified to the highest standards. We have a great assortment of piercing accessories to choose from or you can bring your own rings, studs, etc. and let us do the piercing. Whatever it is, we'll take care of you.

Lip rings are a difficult subject to tackle, because so many different types of piercings can be worn in or around the lips, and a multitude of jewelry styles work there as well.  For our purposes here, we’ll just cover the basics, starting with the different types of lip ring.

First we have the “labret/monroe ring,” or stud.  This is basically just a stud style piece of jewelry with a small decoration on one side, a post in the center, and a flat backing of some type on the other end.  The flat portion sits under the lip (inside the mouth), and the post rests inside the piercing itself, while the decorative portion is the only part that shows.  This type of jewelry is measured for length along the shaft, from the backing to the bottom of the embellishment.

Next there’s the circular, most often just referred to as a “lip ring” or “lip hoop.”  There are several different types of circular jewelry that can be worn in a lip piercing, including horseshoes, segment rings, BCRs, spiral barbells, and lippy loops.  Each of these items will be measured for diameter rather then length, which is always the distance between the two inside edges at the widest part of the hoop.

View the photo gallery below to see how others got creative with their piercings.


Piercing Type Price for 1 Price for 2
Earlobe $50.00 $90.00
Tragus $50.00 $90
Rook $50.00 $90
Helix $50.00 $90 3/$120
Daith $50.00 $90
Conch $50.00 $90
Industrial $90.00  
Nostril $50.00 $90
Tongue $90.00  
Eyebrow $70.00 $120
Labret/Lip $90.00 $160
Septum $70.00  
Navel $50.00  
Nipple $60.00 2/ $100
Surface Pircing $50.00 $130.00 (3)
Prince Albert $200.00  
Ampallang $150.00  
Apadravya $150.00  
Frenum $150.00  
Scrotum $150.00  
VCH/ Hood $120.00  
Inner Labia $120.00  
Outer Labia $120.00  
Fourchette $150.00  
Dermal $110.00 $200.00 

Minors must be accompanied by an adult and have the written consent of their parents or legal guardian to get a piercing at Noble House Tattoo. In accordance with federal, GA state and local laws, Tattoo Art by Jonas Ho may reject at its sole discretion unaccompanied minors (ID required) and customers under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

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Tattoo artists are available by appointment and for walk-in customers during the following hours:

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Sunday - 12noon til 5pm. 

Stockbridge Tattoo Art Gallery

Noble House Tattoo presented by Jonas Ho will be showcasing local visual artistry in next year's Stockbridge Art Fair 2016. Stop by and visit us while at the show!

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